Recommencing the challenge

My first swim after the second lockdown month. I felt like I was swimming in treacle for most of the distance, which is understandable with the gap out of the pool. However, on the plus side, I had the lane to myself for the duration, so no pauses or delays.

I lost count of the lengths, as I normally swim different strokes, rather than solely freestyle. Instead, I did some extra lengths to cover any shortfall. This was my second swim using the SwimTag and first where I have focussed on one stroke type. The wind down was mixed strokes.

Waiting to see how DOMS affects other swims this week. Now well on my way to completing the 25km Ultra Marathon challenge raising money for Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind.

Date Lengths Time Distance Cumulative Remainder

(25m) (Mins) (m) (m) (m)

Sun 1 Nov 20 90 40 2250 2250 22750
Mon 2 Nov 20 84 37 2100 4350 20650
Tue 3 Nov 20 96 45 2400 6750 18250
Wed 2 Dec 20 86 40 2150 8900 16100
Thurs 3 Dec 20 90 45 2250 11150 13850