Swimming update

Sometimes, if I have been visiting London on business, I work out a place I would like to swim then explore all the practicalities.  The stunning Glass Mills pool, Lewisham uses mainly salt, which is relatively unusual and the London Aquatics Centre with its 50m Olympic pool treated with UV light and beautiful, expansive crystal clear water.

https://www.la-architects.co.uk/architecture-projects/glass-mill-lewisham/ https://www.arch2o.com/london-aquatics-centre-zaha-hadid-architects/ 

A short time ago, I did some cold water swims at Pells Pool, Lewes; an unheated and spring-fed with minimal chlorine.   Water temperature reached 12.5 C.  In normal indoor pools it is around 25 to 28 C.  Cold water benefits mental and physical health and on 19 October this appeared "Could cold water hold a clue to a dementia cure?"  Segue to Beckenham Place Park we have the Beckenham Bobbers.

https://www.pellspool.org.uk/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54531075 https://www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/uk-wild-swimming-groups/ 

The latest swimming update taken from Swimtag.