The Twelve Swims of Christmas

Not that I planned it this way, but thought it was a neat ending to this challenge.

What went through my mind for the swim today especially was how the change in my diet recently may have contributed to fatigue.  I had dairy, some grains and sugar and more carbohydrates in comparison to when I started out, when I was low carb/keto, no grains, sugar or dairy.  The inflammation is palpable.

My focus now is to recover actively, by mainly getting my running shoes back on and out into nature.  I love exploring.  For many years before work, I enjoyed long early morning walks in the Surrey Hills throughout most of the year, no matter the weather condition.  I had a long commute to work on the motorway, so set off early to avoid as much traffic as possible.  I then integrated the walks at first, incorporating foraging and exploration.  Although I knew the area reasonably well, I made a conscious choice to lose the specific location and make my own path many times.  Everything was fresh to experience.  The tranquillity, wildlife, photography, foraging and sense of space and freedom was wonderful.  I brought back sloes, blackberries, chestnuts and wild garlic.

As my fitness improved, I then started running outdoors along the river and up into the hills.  A small circuit, but with similarly profound sensory wonder.  So now, full circle, back to running and more body-balanced activity to keep fit, healthy and breathe in the life.