This is (not) a race

Well, it's been a while since I added anything here, partly due to having a cold and not swimming since Monday, but also because work has been increasingly and uncharacteristically busy.

Yesterday I came across a podcast/video which, if I summarise, said the best results come from a holistic approach to swimming.

Podcast] The Smarter Way To Progress Your Swimming with Sam Fenton Part 1

Apart from the obvious parallels with our recovery approach to mental health, there is a broad message to learn from and, for me, a personal one:  recovery, recovery, recovery.

I have heard many times from colleagues, other professionals and people we work with that a joined up approach is needed.   Notwithstanding, each of us taking an individual approach that responds to each of our physiologies and circumstances.

Overall, I take some credit for the application to doing what I enjoy doing.  Swimming is very technically demanding and physically challenging, and keeping awareness of nuances, moment by moment, lays the foundations for enjoyment.